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Coming April 4: 'Educators United With Our Communities Day'
California’s community colleges have always relied on the support of local communities. On April 4, let’s both thank our communities and demonstrate our support for them with local activities for Educators United with Our Communities Day.
A Call to Action for the Public Education All California's Students Deserve
The 325,000 members of CTA and CCA are committed to making sure all California’s students get the public education they deserve. We ask all Californians, including elected leaders regardless of party affiliation, to join us in supporting a strong, inclusive, safe and innovative public education system that ensures all students can succeed, regardless of their ZIP code. We urge our local CCA chapters to adopt this Resolution of Unity, Resolve and Resilience or use it to create your own.
We Want to Hear from You!
How do you get your news from CCA/CTA? Would you like to be better informed? What about sharing your ideas with us?
Celebrate Women's History Month
It's Women's History Month and CCA has resources for March and beyond on the Women's Issues page.
Urge a No Vote on Neil Gorsch for SCOTUS
Judge Gorsuch has repeatedly ruled against students with disabilities who seek a public education, sided with big business at the expense of working people, and embraced extreme views that could endangers workers' rights.
California Law Continues to Protect Transgender Students
Despite President Donald Trump's revocation of  Federal Guidelines that protected the rights of transgender students nationwide, California law specifies that students cannot be discriminated against based on gender identity or gender expression.
Take the Pledge to Ensure all Students Can Succeed

Have you and your colleagues taken the pledge to ensure  all students can succeed? Both CTA and the California Federation of Teachers call on their federal, state and local lawmakers to advocate for all students and against any policies that undermine students' rights to attend school free of fear, bullying and discrimination.

Join the Professors Watchlist
With a nod to the film Spartacus, faculty around the country are joining the Professors Watchlist to protect their colleagues from a witch hunt unleashed by a new website that asks students to “expose” liberal bias among professors.
It's Time to Register for CCA's Spring Conference

Mark your calendars for CCA’s Spring Conference and WHO Awards April 21-23 at the Marriott Hotel in Manhattan Beach. Online registration is now available. Conference highlights include the annual WHO Award Banquet as well as outstanding speakers, discussions and trainings that will help you become a better advocate for your members. Download the conference brochure to view and share with other members.

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