The Community College Association

Gov's May Revised Budget is Out
Recognizing a slowing down of the state’s economy, Gov. Jerry Brown in his May Revise has budgeted for a more fiscally constrained environment while trying to promote specific priorities. Read what’s in store for CCA in the budget memo by CCA/CTA legislative advocate Jennifer Baker.
Trump-DeVos Budget Ignores What Really Works
The Trump administration's education agenda is the oppose of what students need. Read CTA President Eric C. Heins' statement regarding the Trump-DeVos Budget to find out how it will harm students.
Avoid the Pitfalls of 403(b) Plans
Millions of people enrolled in 403(b) plans may be losing nearly $10 billion each year in excessive investment fees. Make sure you are not one of them. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls in CTA's Educator Magazine story.
Plan to attend CCA’s 2017 Fall Conference

CCA’s three conferences have successfully concluded for 2016-17, but you can look forward to attending the 2017 Fall Conference at the Marriott Hotel in San Jose Oct. 13-15. For more information on CCA’s conferences, check out the Conference section.

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