Plan to Attend CCA's 2018 Spring Conference

Registration for the Spring 2018 Conference is now open!! Make sure to register soon to secure your spot!!! This Springs Conference will focus on Advocacy and will be held April 20th-22nd at the Hyatt Regency LAX. For more information on CCA's conferences, check out the Conference Section.

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Click Below to see the letter in response to the Governors 2018-19 CC Budget and to download the Resolutions in Oppostion to Performance Based Funding and the new Online Community College proposal.


Many of us are concerned about the proposed separate online community college proposal (see the CCA President's column in the current "Advocate").  And we also oppose the performance-based 25% of the proposed new funding formula, where funding would be based on completion of degrees and certificates.  To help you fight these proposals, CCA has created Resolutions that you can take to your union, your Academic Senate and your Board of Trustees.  They are available HERE!!!!!  We also attach Here the Budget Letter from our Budget Advocate, Jennifer Baker, who is working with the Governor's office and the Legislature to make changes in the proposals.  As your unions, Senates and Boards of Trustees sign off on these Resolutions, please send them to CCA President Lynette Nyaggah at

Thank you for fighting with us to work for true student success!
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Important message from CCA President Lynette Nyaggah regarding the Governors online college proposal


All of us in CCA support both online education and innovation. We have many faculty who teach online. We have many programs run by our existing 114 community colleges. We absolutely understand the advantages of expanding online offerings for the targeted population of those who need additional CTE courses to gain certificates which will enable them to earn higher salaries and support their families. The Chancellor's Office has shared with the public many quotations from those supporting online education. We also agree with all the sentiments in favor of the efficacy of online education for this population. However, the Governor's January proposal for a separate online community college is misguided and CCA opposes it. It would be administered by the Chancellor's Office, who would be the employer of record. This is a violation of the California Constitution. The current proposal would use only part time faculty to teach the classes and they would not be represented by a union. Because we have much online education expertise among our faculty, CCA proposes that existing faculty be used to design the programs and they be administered through our existing colleges. With the $120 million set aside for the proposal, we expect that faculty could design an extraordinarily effective program to meet the needs of our students who have been left behind. Look for materials later this week on this website to help you lobby your legislator to oppose the separate online college!

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Spring Conference Registration is now open!!!

Registration is now open!

As a part of the registration process, you will be required to make your own hotel reservations at the Hyatt Regency LAX while registering for the conference via the hotel link or call 888-421-1442. The deadline to receive the special CCA rate of $139.00 (plus tax) per night for single or double occupancy is April 5, 2018.
Download Conference Program to view and share with members of your association who may also be interested in attending the conference.

The 2018 CCA Spring Conference begins with registration on Friday, April 20 at 3:00pm and conclues on Sunday April 22 at 12:00pm.

NOTE: Delegates and CCA Building Strong Locals (BSL) Academy participants must register by 9:00am on Saturday and attend all sessions to be eligible for expense reimbursement. Please plan your travel accordingly. 

CTA/NEA Community College Association
Phone: 916-288-4921

Learn more about conferences at

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The March Edition of the Advocate is Here!

The March Edition of the Advocate is here!!!! Don't miss out!!! This edition is packed full of great info on Advocacy Partners, the Janus case and what it means for us, and of course a piece by your CCA President, Lynette Nyaggah, on the online community college proposal.Your spot for the latest news from CCA is in the Advocate; come discover what your colleagues are up to around the state!
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CCA Homeless Initiative: Project Dignity

CCA is proud to support Project Dignity in their mission to serve the homeless with Dignity, Humility, and Love.  Donations can be made during any  Conference at the registration Desk; Cash, Check and Grocery Gift Cards will be accepted  Please click on the PDF below for a flyer.  

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A note on Guided Pathways from CCA President Lynette Nyaggah

We urge all our colleagues to inform themselves and engage in the discussions on the Guided Pathways programs. I want to stress that FACULTY AT EACH COLLEGE OR DISTRICT HAVE THE POWER TO DETERMINE WHAT GUIDED PATHWAYS LOOKS LIKE AT THEIR INSTITUTION. I have heard that many of our faculty think that they have no power to influence the direction that Guided Pathways takes at their college. That is not true. In fact, the involvement of the faculty will determine the success of the Guided Pathways program at each college. If your administration is telling you that you have to do it a certain way, follow the rule we have for bargaining: ask them to show you where it says you have to do it that way. Guided Pathways programs have the potential to help students. We know our students. We -- the Unions and the Academic Senate -- have the responsibility to make sure that this is not another initiative that makes very little impact. Step up and get involved!! Make your Guided Pathways program work for your students. If there's something you believe is wrong or counterproductive, say something! Get together with your colleagues and take charge! We work with our students every day. We know them. Use Guided Pathways to give them what they need

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CCA Budget Memo January 10th, 2018

Please read through the budget memo provided for updates.Further updates are forthcoming.

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CCA Passes Resolution Banning Travel to Some States

The CCA Board has passed a Resolution banning travel to the states which fall under AB 1887 because they do not support LGBTQ rights.
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Have an Idea? There's a Grant for That!

CCA, through CTA and the National Education Association, provides grant opportunities for college faculty to accomplish their professional and advocacy goals. Learn more about grants available to you.
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