Plan to Attend CCA's 2018 Spring Conferences

CCA's Winter 2018 Conference has successfully concluded, but you can look forward to attending the Spring 2018 Conference, April 20-22 at the Hyatt Regency, LAX. Registration for the Spring Conference forthcoming!!! For more information on CCA's conferences, check out the Conference Section. Nominations for the BSL academy are being accepted until 5:00PM on March 16th.

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What does Black History Month Mean?

We have asked a few of our members to let us know what Black History Month means to them.  Check out the short piece below !!!

"Black History Month is the one “official” month that our society allocates to its citizens time to consider the massive contributions that “Black” people have given to the world. As a historian, I have often seen the reduction of the totality of the Black diaspora to a few key terms like “slavery” and “segregation”, but in truth it is so much more and by doing this the average American has been cheated out of a vast quantity of science, medicine, art, music, literature, philosophy and numerous other jewels that “Black” people have offered to humankind. This lack of understanding has also led to confusion and separation of humans, who without the opportunity to fully explore the wealth of knowledge that our Black brothers and sisters have given to all humans, instead have often interjected stereotypes and misconceptions of Black culture and societies which has clouded the historical understandings. The true significance of Black History Month is that it gives us a chance to begin to cultivate a better understanding of not only “Black” people, but a better understanding of all human beings. We must go beyond the token few key terms that our society allots for Black History Month in the USA and seek out the richness of “Black” people throughout the world. We have to pass on to future generations the ideas and philosophies of Africa so that in their lives these tools from our collective human history might be of help in guiding their decisions. And while we must never forget the struggles that have been such a part of the “Black” experience, we must alter the trajectory of historical study to emphasize the positive role that “Black” people have played in our very own lives. For in the end, “Black History Month” must come to be fully associated with each and everyone of us, regardless of race and ethnicity. For only then can we say we are truly “celebrating” Black History Month!"
~Ed Gomez, SBCCD

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CCA Homeless Initiative: Project Dignity

CCA is proud to support Project Dignity in their mission to serve the homeless with Dignity, Humility, and Love.  Donations can be made during the Winter Conference at the registration Desk; Cash, Check and Grocery Gift Cards will be accepted  Please click on the PDF below for a flyer.  

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A note on Guided Pathways from CCA President Lynette Nyaggah

We urge all our colleagues to inform themselves and engage in the discussions on the Guided Pathways programs. I want to stress that FACULTY AT EACH COLLEGE OR DISTRICT HAVE THE POWER TO DETERMINE WHAT GUIDED PATHWAYS LOOKS LIKE AT THEIR INSTITUTION. I have heard that many of our faculty think that they have no power to influence the direction that Guided Pathways takes at their college. That is not true. In fact, the involvement of the faculty will determine the success of the Guided Pathways program at each college. If your administration is telling you that you have to do it a certain way, follow the rule we have for bargaining: ask them to show you where it says you have to do it that way. Guided Pathways programs have the potential to help students. We know our students. We -- the Unions and the Academic Senate -- have the responsibility to make sure that this is not another initiative that makes very little impact. Step up and get involved!! Make your Guided Pathways program work for your students. If there's something you believe is wrong or counterproductive, say something! Get together with your colleagues and take charge! We work with our students every day. We know them. Use Guided Pathways to give them what they need

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CCA Budget Memo January 10th, 2018

Please read through the budget memo provided for updates.Further updates are forthcoming.

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The December Edition of the Advocate is Here!

Check out the latest news from CCA in the Advocate and discover what your colleagues are up to around the state.
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CCA Passes Resolution Banning Travel to Some States

The CCA Board has passed a Resolution banning travel to the states which fall under AB 1887 because they do not support LGBTQ rights.
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Have an Idea? There's a Grant for That!

CCA, through CTA and the National Education Association, provides grant opportunities for college faculty to accomplish their professional and advocacy goals. Learn more about grants available to you.
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