CCA's 2018 Spring Conference has successfully Concluded

Our Spring Conference has successfully concluded. This Spring's Conference focused on Advocacy and was held April 20th-22nd at the Hyatt Regency LAX. For more information on CCA's conferences, check out the Conference Section.

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What is Pride Month

Why celebrate LGBT Pride? The history of oppression for LGBT persons has centered around notions of appropriateness/normality and invisibility. LGBT persons have often  lost their families, their friends, their employment and their lives because others have deemed the way they love to be inappropriate or abnormal. Our society has a strong sense of gendered normality: Men do x and women do Y. Indeed, who we are allowed to love has historically been linked to that which is deemed appropriate for our gender. When an individual chooses to live with integrity, as an authenticate person, despite the societal dangers of doing so, they exemplify Pride; that is worthy of celebration. The freedom possessed by today's lgbt students was made possible by the courage and strength of individuals who refused to feel shame for who they were and Who lived authentically and openly, winning straight allies along the way. Instead of lamenting the paucity of role models living authentically when we, as educators, were in school, perhaps we are called to be the role model we wished we had had! Now, and every day, is the time for Pride!

Johnnie Terry 

Sierra College

Professor of LGBTQ Studies 

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May 22nd is Education Support Professionals Day!!

 As educators, we know the crucial role played by the thousands of paraprofessionals, office workers, bus drivers, custodians and maintenance staff in our schools and/or Community Colleges.  In fact, it would be difficult to imagine a school going for one day without ESPs.

When we talk about strengthening our schools, we need to strengthen everyone who works within them.  Along with recruiting and retaining quality teachers, we must recruit and retain quality education support professionals. To do that, it certainly means providing decent wages and benefits to the people who spend their days making sure our students are safe, well fed and learning.  

In addition to providing representation, advocacy, resources and training for the growing number of ESP members, CCA is proud to partner with CTA, who established CTA ESP Day on the third full Tuesday in May during Education Support Professionals Week, to honor these vital school employees.

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A note on our CCA Community from CCA President Lynette Nyaggah

We are a family and a community, both in CCA and in our local chapters, and supporting each other is what we do. One of the areas where we do support each other is in advocacy. For example, a team of CCA members went to Sacramento in April to talk with influential legislators and the Department of Finance about why the new online community college, as proposed, is a terrible idea and why performance-based funding (part of the proposed new funding formula for community colleges) doesn't work. Our members all made a strong case for changing both of these proposals and they supported the work you're doing locally every day. Coupled with the accomplishments of our Legislation and Advocacy Committee, we are influencing decision-makers in Sacramento. Sometimes our work is not visible, because much political discussion is done quietly, in offices with legislators or with representatives of the governor. As with member involvement, the important thing is building relationships.



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Click Below to see the letter in response to the Governors 2018-19 CC Budget and to view the May Revise Summary


Many of us are concerned about the proposed separate online community college proposal (see the CCA President's column in the current "Advocate").  And we also oppose the performance-based 25% of the proposed new funding formula, where funding would be based on completion of degrees and certificates.  Click Here for the Budget Letter and May Revise Budget Summary from our Budget Advocate, Jennifer Baker, who is working with the Governor's office and the Legislature to make changes in the proposals. 
Thank you for fighting with us to work for true student success!
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CCA Homeless Initiative: Project Dignity

CCA is proud to support Project Dignity in their mission to serve the homeless with Dignity, Humility, and Love.  Donations can be made during any  Conference at the registration Desk; Cash, Check and Grocery Gift Cards will be accepted  Please click on the PDF below for a flyer.  

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CCA Passes Resolution Banning Travel to Some States

The CCA Board has passed a Resolution banning travel to the states which fall under AB 1887 because they do not support LGBTQ rights.
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