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Searching for CCA Presidents' Opinions!!!

CCA Presidents, we want your input!  Please take this survey so we can gather as much info as possible!!

If you have questions please contact either Cyndi Menzel at or Casey Brown at


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What happened with Janus?

 “Our freedom to join together in strong unions to speak up for ourselves, our families and our communities was diminished today with the Supreme Court decision in Janus v. AFSCME.  Despite this decision, however, we will continue to fight for what’s right for the students and faculty of our community colleges.

 We have an important mission in CCA. We have advocated strongly for our open-access community college system, for faculty rights, and for the protection of pension plans. There are very powerful forces pushing back hard to silence our voices through coordinated and well-funded media campaigns and legal strategies. We will not be silenced.”

Check out this cool video that fully explains Janus and the repercussions of this ruling.

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A note on our CCA Community from CCA President Lynette Nyaggah

We are a family and a community, both in CCA and in our local chapters, and supporting each other is what we do. One of the areas where we do support each other is in advocacy. For example, a team of CCA members went to Sacramento in April to talk with influential legislators and the Department of Finance about why the new online community college, as proposed, is a terrible idea and why performance-based funding (part of the proposed new funding formula for community colleges) doesn't work. Our members all made a strong case for changing both of these proposals and they supported the work you're doing locally every day. Coupled with the accomplishments of our Legislation and Advocacy Committee, we are influencing decision-makers in Sacramento. Sometimes our work is not visible, because much political discussion is done quietly, in offices with legislators or with representatives of the governor. As with member involvement, the important thing is building relationships.



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CCA Homeless Initiative: Project Dignity

CCA is proud to support Project Dignity in their mission to serve the homeless with Dignity, Humility, and Love.  Donations can be made during any  Conference at the registration Desk; Cash, Check and Grocery Gift Cards will be accepted  Please click on the PDF below for a flyer.  

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CCA Passes Resolution Banning Travel to Some States

The CCA Board has passed a Resolution banning travel to the states which fall under AB 1887 because they do not support LGBTQ rights.
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