CCA Governance Structure
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CCA Bylaws
*Click the PDF link below to view the CCA Bylaws
Last Approved: October 2015
CCA Standing Rules
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Last approved: November 2015
CCA Elections Manual
*Click the PDF link below to view the CCA Elections Manual
Last approved: November 2015
Governance Committee
The Governance Committee is a CCA Board Committee and is composed of CCA Board members.
The current committee members are
      Nicole Faudree (District D), Chair
      John Sullivan (District E), Vice Chair 
      Chris Vancil (District A), Member
      Eric Kaljumagi (District I), Member 
      Frank Post (District I-2), Member
      Joan Sholars (Ex-officio Liaison), Member 
The charge of the Governance Committee can be found in the CCA Standing Rules. Questions about Governance documents can be directed to the committee chair or the CCA President.
Governance Agenda
The following is a synopsis of the committee's work for 2015-16
  • Revision of Bylaws Article VI: Removal and Recall
  • Review of minutes—2007 to present—for changes to governing documents
  • Redistricting for compliance
  • Development of reporting forms
  • Miscellaneous issues in governing documents that need language
2015 Governance Council Agenda Items
In Fall 2014, the Governance Committee presented the following:
Bylaws revisions for second reading
Bylaws revisions for first reading
Changes to Standing Rules and Elections Manual
In Spring 2015, the Governance Committee will present the following for approval by the Council:
Bylaws revisions for second reading
Bylaws Article VI revision for first reading
Possibly Redistricting Proposal (depends on if the Board's concerns have all be addressed)
Presentation of Standing Rules and Elections Manual changes
Delegates, members, and chapter presidents, please note:
All documents with the justification for changes are sent to delegates by the deadlines stated in the governance documents. Delegates are expected to read and note questions prior to council. All delegates, members, and presidents are welcome to contact the committee chair or CCA president to request clarification of any change prior to the conference at which the changes are being considered.
The committee spends a great deal of time on wording; further suggestions on word-smithing should be sent to the committee chair. Because of the laboriousness of the word-smithing process and the valuable time of our delegates, we are attempting not to spend a great deal of time engaging in word-smithing on the floor of council.
The Board and committees have adopted a philosophy of transparency.
The process of the Board and Council is to request pulls of any articles or sections that delegates wish to discuss, then to approve all other changes before returning to the pulls.
Bylaws are the purview of the Council and must go through first and second readings; first reading is presentation and questions of clarification only. Second reading is for discussion and then approval.
Standing Rules are the day-to-day operations of CCA and purview of the Board; however, all changes to the Standing Rules must be reported to the Council immediately following the adoption of those changes. The council has the right to pull, consider, and change any standing rule; such standing rule change is noted as made by Council and then requires future Council approval to be changed.
The Elections Manual is part of the Standing Rules and go through the same approval process.
Redistricting is part of the Bylaws and must follow the process of Bylaws changes.
The current committee is using Microsoft Word Review mode to show revisions and justifications; CCA follows the CTA and NEA methods of bolding new language and striking through deleted language in the existing text.
The philosophy of CCA for some years now has been that with the exception of minor editorial changes (which should be noted as such), all changes must be accompanied with rationales. This will provide answers for delegates and chapter leaders, enhance transparency, and expedite the work of council.
The committee welcomes comments and suggestions; please forward these to the committee chair.

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