Faculty and Teacher-led Approach to Change
CTA's Institute for Teaching is a 501c3 bringing a faculty- and teacher-led approach to change in education based on what is working and successful in the classroom.
Take a look at what's happening and how the IFT is taking positive steps to improve learning.
NEA Grants Foster Union-led Change
The National Education Association Foundation offers a number of grants and awards to faculty that can be used to enhance teaching and learning. Awards are given three times a year. Don’t miss an opportunity, check out the NEA Foundation website for information and applications.
CCA Leads The Way in Support of Chapters and Members
In its continuing quest to foster organizing for membership recruitment and development, the CCA Membership Committee has introduced two grants available to our locals. We are very grateful to the National Education Association, which provided a significant portion of the funding for these grants.
Local Power Planning Grant
This grant is open to Fair Share locals which are wall-to-wall (including both full and part-time faculty). The intent is to build local power by encouraging recruitment, inclusion, and participation of part-time faculty in the life of their union. The first phase of this grant was piloted in Spring 2011 with four locals: College of the Siskiyous FA, Gavilan College FA, Chaffey College FA, and San Bernardino Community College District FA. They sponsored workshops on Part-Time Retirement or Unemployment and funded the events with this grant. The second stage of this grant, available to those who hold the first event, involves the expansion of outreach to part-time faculty based on an organizing plan developed by the local in conjunction with their CCA Primary Contact Staff and the Membership Committee.

CCA is very excited about these grants that focus on part-time faculty. John Martin, Northern Part-Time Director, expressed his support: “All part-time faculty need to be represented. Having part-time faculty included in their wall-to-wall chapters is essential to the strength of the local.” Board member and part-time instructor John Sullivan echoed that support: “Membership for part time faculty is much more advantageous than being a non-member. Having advocates to call both locally and at the state level means that the 800 lb. CTA gorilla is behind each one of us.”
Continuing Grants
The Membership Committee will also continue to offer grants to those non-Fair Share (Agency Fee) chapters which are in the process of converting to Fair Share. The intent is to help these locals with member support activities before and after the conversion to Fair Share. In order for a chapter to receive this grant, CCA asks for an investment in time and effort. The requirements include appointing a Membership Committee, building a membership organizing plan, arranging training, and writing a final report.

In order to apply for any of these grants, CCA locals should get in touch with the CCA office at 1-916-288-4921 which will work with them and their Primary Contact Staff to complete the applications.
It's Time to Register for CCA's Spring Conference

Mark your calendars for CCA’s Spring Conference and WHO Awards April 21-23 at the Marriott Hotel in Manhattan Beach. Online registration is now available. Conference highlights include the annual WHO Award Banquet as well as outstanding speakers, discussions and trainings that will help you become a better advocate for your members. Download the conference brochure to view and share with other members.

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