The Truth about Retirement Benefits
All Californians should have a safe and secure retirement. The real problem is not that faculty, teachers, firefighters and other public servants have pensions ("defined benefit plans"), the problem is that private sector workers do not. Myth versus Fact on Teacher Retirement does a great job of debunking common myths about our pension system and provides relevant factual answers. The CTA website has a special section devoted to important information on retirement benefits.
Part-time Faculty Issues are Everyone's Issues
Why should tenured faculty care about part-time faculty issues? The answer is startlingly simple for Jonathan Ausubel,a full-time professor of English and member of the Chaffey College Faculty Association. Ausubel lays out the argument in a CCA Advocate column
Does Higher One Profit from Students' Financial Aid?
Higher One profits from students’ financial aid money by charging excessive fees, says Merced College philosophy professor and CCA Board member Keith Law. Read his column from the Modesto Bee.
MOOCs in Our Midst
With their new video, Teaching Millions or Making Millions? faculty organizers of the national Campaign for the Future of Higher Education have raised the level of discourse across the country when it comes to the pervasiveness of MOOCs in our midst.
Online Education May Not Be All That
Despite the hoopla surrounding online courses, a large study of online education used by students at California's massive community college system found that online students are not doing as well as those who enroll in face-to-face courses, according to a report in Inside Higher Education. What’s your experience been with online education? Contact Dina Martin at or CCA President Lynette Nyaggah at .
Coming Next: CCA's Winter Conference

Online registration is now available for CCA’s Winter Conference, Feb. 24-26, 2017 at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles. In this second of three yearly conferences, you can expect standout trainings that you can use to strengthen your membership. You won’t want to miss this!

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